Monday, June 14, 2010

Democrat Congressman Assaults College Student

Apparently Obama isn't the only Democrat out there kicking "A." If you haven't seen the video of North Carolina Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge assaulting a college kid in Washington D.C., here it is. When asked if he fully supports the Obama agenda, Rep. Etheridge demands to know the name of the college kid asking the question. When the kid refuses to give his name the Congressman slaps the kid's camera out of his hand and grabs him by the arm. When the kid finally gets his arm out of the Congressman's grasp the Congressman then grabs him around the neck. Can you say "Gestapo."

Do you think this video will show up on the liberal media news shows tonight? I doubt it. They will be busy blaming BP for the oil spill and demanding criminal charges be brought against BP.

If not for websites like and the Drudge Report we wouldn't even hear about this kind of assault and battery.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Obama Wants to Know "Whose Ass To Kick"

I don't like to fill my blog up with swear words, but when the President of the United States uses this language when referring to private citizens and companies I find direct quotes to be the most effective.

Question: When President Obama says he wants to know "Whose Ass to Kick" is he referring to:

(A) Muslims terrorists who want to destroy our country?
(B) Radical media members who would have Jews in Israel commit Hari Kari? or
(C) Members of his own Administration who bribed Joe Sestak to get him out of his Senate race with Spector?

Answer: None of the above. This was a comment made by Barry about BP and the oil spill. Barry, we all know who is responsible for causing the spill. It didn't take us a month to figure it out either. What we want is a president who will clean it up. Send the bill to BP, but clean the oil up. Clean up the spill and wash your mouth out with soap while you're at it.

And if you still want to know who's "A" to kick, start with this one:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Main Stream Media Giant Tells Jews "Get the Hell out of Palestine!"

For all of you who think the mainstream media is just an unbiased group of individuals searching for the real truth in every story, where have you been? How is it that CBS, NBC and ABC's nightly news coverage always has the same basic news stories with the same basic "unbiased" slant on each story. How is it that Bush gets raked over the coals within a week of Hurricane Katrina yet Barry O has had a free pass for over a month on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill?

Well...take a look at a Dean of the White House Press Corps telling the Jews to get out of Palestine and go back home to Poland and Germany. Wake up people. This is how the media members talk when they don't think it will end up on the nightly news. And it won't. Without the internet and websites like we would likely never see it.

And now for a game of "Name That Hag."
In the following picture, which Hag is the witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and which Hag is Helen Thomas?
Hint: The apple in the picture on the right should give it away.

It is an insane world these days, but the sane will not go quietly. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
See what I mean.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Advocating Violence? What about the Branch Davidians

This week, former President Bill Clinton said: "You don't have to be nice; you can be harsh. But you've got to be very careful not to advocate violence or cross the line…There is a big difference between criticizing a policy or a politician and demonizing the government." He also said the atmosphere today is much like it was 15 years ago at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing which "atmosphere" was enhanced by him having the Branch Davidians burned alive.

First of all, thank you so much Bill for not requiring that we "be nice" and for allowing us to "be harsh" in our criticism of how liberals (Republican and Democrats) are destroying our country.

Second, do you think the people burned alive in this picture were more afraid of you and your government or Tim McVeigh? Neither of you were justified in your barbaric actions.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Throw the RINO's Out! Starting with McCain

I am sick and tired of these RINO's (or more appropriately, CINO's) aiding and abetting in the destruction of our country. I say "Throw the RINO's Out!" And let's start with the most notorious one, John McCain. There is nothing conservative about John McCain. Arizona, please help our country by voting McCain out.

McCain: Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Amnesty, Pro-Choice, Anti-Free Speech (McCain-Feingold) and the list continues.

This is a picture of the second most endangered species in North America. It's called the North American RINO. Nobody will complain when these animals are extinct.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Representation without Taxation?

I heard a lady call into the Rush Limbaugh program with this astute analysis:

What was the issue that sparked the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773? Taxes right. More specifically, they were upset about being taxed without representation in the British Parliament. They were paying taxes to England, but did not have anyone to officially represent their interests.

You know, "No Taxation without Representation!"

Well...things seem to have come full circle with half the American people paying no Federal income tax at all and the other half basically paying for the poorer half to live. The issue we now have is 51% of the U.S. population is not paying its fair share of the tax burden. When 51% of the people (the taking 51%) can vote themselves entitlements, the other 49% (the producing 49%) are at the "takers'" mercy.

The new rally cry: "No Representation without Taxation!"

Monday, April 19, 2010

This IDIOT thinks Guam will Tip Over

I know everyone has seen the video of the IDIOT Congressman from Georgia who says he is concerned that the island of Guam will "tip over and capsize" due to overpopulation. But what I can't get over is the response from the Admiral being questioned by the IDIOT. The Admiral's response to the "tip over and capsize" comment?

"Um...we don't anticipate that..."

Translation: are you really that stupid Congressman? The Admiral goes on to basically say "if it hasn't tipped over by now, I think we'll be safe adding 8 or 9 thousand Marines.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Paying Income Tax is Optional?

According to Harry Reid, "We have a voluntary [taxation] system." Oh really! So if I don't want to pay my income taxes nobody will come beating on my door trying to throw me in jail. And I guess the 16,000 new IRS agents being added to the thousands we alreay have are solely there to "encourage" me to voluntarily contribute to the Federal Government.

If I might clarify what Crazy Harry was saying in the above Youtube video, he was saying that if you are an elected Democrat official, then paying income tax is voluntary. For example: Tom Daschle, Charlie Rangel (committee that makes our Tax Code), Tim Geithner (the cotton pickin Treasury Secretary), Chris Dodd...and the list goes on...all have evaded taxes with little or no consequences.

But to those of you who are not elected Democratics, TAKE THIS!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Who said: "I Don't Worry About the Constitution"?

Answer: Illinois Democratic Congressman Phil Hare in response to whether Barry's Health Care Bill is Constitutional. Pucker up Congressman because you can kiss your seat and the Democratic majority goodbye. Why? Because real Americans worry about our Consitution.

I Support This Doctor's Position

Check out what this Central Florida doctor posted on his office door. It won't be long before the doctor's freedom of speech is threatened by Barry and company. Given what went on this past year, we know that Barry has no problem "using the whole fist" (to quote Chevy Chase in Fletch).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dem Gatas Must Be Prowd

Listen to this University of Florida Graduate brag on her Gatas. Some of the highlights are when she says the Gatas won a "BS-BCS Championship." I agree. She then congratulates Oscar Meyer on his outstanding "corching" and "Tim Tivo" on his "Hice-man" and on how well Mr. Tivo handled the "malice the most the presha that he was unda." She also referenced the "gusty play" of "Percy Harvey." And this is the kind of person who represents our interests in Congress.

By the way, she is a Democrat from Florida.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The State of the Black Union?

Is this for real? Did President Obama really address the "State of the Black Union?" Apparently so, and he told those present that "tough times for America often mean tougher times for African Americans."

The first question I have is what is the "Black Union?" I know the regular "Union" is made up of 50 states and various territories. I thought that the regular "Union" included blacks, whites and every other citizen of the U.S. whether home or abroad. So what is this "Black Union?" What geographical territory does it include and what do I need to do to join? Is Robert Downey, Jr. a part of the "Black Union?" He has as much African American ancestry as President Obama (if you are insulted by the last two sentences, were you also insulted by the movie "White Chicks?").

And when President Obama gives his next State of the Union address, should I be worried about which "Union" he is talking about?

My second question is how are tough economic times tougher for a black family than a white family? Is it easier for white parents when they lose their jobs and can't find new jobs and can't make their mortgage payments and get thrown out on the street and have their cars repossessed than for black parents? Is the weather somehow colder for black families when they are evicted? Is watching your kids have to go without new clothes somehow easier for white parents than black parents?

The fact is, life is tough for everyone and when a President tells one suffering group that they have it rougher than another suffering group he is simply being divisive for his own political gain.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Racebaiter Evens the Score

Do you think the New York Post breaking the story on "Reverand" Al Sharpton's tax evasion has anything to do with the latest racebaiting attack Sharpton has launched against the Post. The sick thing is how willingly many morons accept Sharpton's interpretation that the cartoon has something to do with race just because it involves a chimpanzee.

A Moron's Attempt at Reasoning
Chimpanzee + Stimulus Bill = Racism against President Obama. The problem with this reasoning is the "Stimulus" Bill was drafted by the plaster faced Nancy Pelosi and edited by the two faced Harry Reid.

The same morons are appalled at Robert Downey, Jr.'s "blackface" character in Tropic Thunder, but think two black guys portraying ditzy, blonde "White Chicks" is hilarious.

The Death Star was Destroyed

Shortly after the election of President Obama, Sean Hannity started talking about "conservatism” going into “exile." The phrase makes me think of Luke Skywalker hiding out on some remote planet of the universe as he secretly tries to prepare an amassing Rebel force for one last attempt to overthrow the evil Emperor and his conflicted sidekick, Darth Vader.

So who is our Luke Skywalker?
The answer is not Sean Hannity. Luke would never have chosen poison by degrees (John McCain) over a shotgun blast to the head (Barry Obama). He would have fought equally hard against both of them. But what about someone like Rick Santelli or these high school kids in Mesa, Arizona? Or how about a conservative governor who refuses to sell his state to the Emperor.

When did conservatism first go into hiding?
I would disagree with Hannity’s implied presumption that conservatism has only recently been forced into hiding. George Bush’s big government, big spending, open borders policies will not exactly get him mistaken for Ronald Reagan by any true conservative. Nor will the policies of his father, Bush 41. In fact, I would argue that with the exception of Newt Gingrich and the short lived “Contract with America” fiscal conservatives have been in exile since 1988. That’s twenty years. How old was Luke when he first met Yoda?

In the end, the Death Star was destroyed. I'll let you figure out what the Death Star might represent.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trust the Conservative States?

It seems like every presidential election cycle candidates start to reinvent themselves to appeal to a larger number of voters. As a conservative, hearing people like John McCain describe themselves as part of the "Reagan Revolution" makes me sick. So how do we know which candidates are the true conservatives and which are just CINO's (Conservatives in Name Only)? One way is to listen to true conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham. But what if we tried the following:

(1) Determine the five most conservative voting states in the previous general presidential election based on the percentage of those voting Republican (i.e. Idaho voted 68% Republican which would put it at the top). I know the term Republican is not synonymous with conservative, but it is the closest we have to a conservative party for now;

(2) Have the Republican Primary voting/caucuses for each of these states take place at least one week before the rest of the states vote/caucus.

This method will allow the most conservative states first crack at voicing their opinions on which candidates they believe represent true conservatives and allow momentum to build for those candidates.

This year’s five states would include:
Idaho (68%) –voted for John McCain
Utah (64%) –voted for Mitt Romney in Primary
Alabama (60%) –voted for John McCain
Arizona (59%) –voted for John McCain
Tennessee (58%) ½ vote –voted for Mike Huckabee
Wyoming (58%) ½ vote –voted for Mitt Romney in Primary

And the winner is: John McCain with three votes.

Okay, so it’s either a flawed system or John McCain was the most conservative candidate which is really saying something about the Republican party. Better stick to Rush et al.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Ocean Tale

The AP has done another fine job of investigative reporting. Apparently the lady who supposedly swam across the Atlantic Ocean last week made up most of the story. You can read the article here. The author of the piece said "a few seconds of thought and a pocket calculator" could have disproved the woman's claim.

Perhaps with all the budget cutbacks the AP has either run out of calculators or people who can operate them. As for reporters, we know they ran out of them years ago.

No Deep Analysis. Just One Conservative's Optimism

Stand on Principle
The 2009 general Presidential election was a depressing one for me. I felt forced to either stand on my conservative principles and write in a dark horse candidate (see Ann Coulter's rant for my exact feelings) or fall in line with the Republicans and get behind John McCain. To a large extent this election was about the difference between Conservatives and Republicans; not Republicans and Democrats.

I think Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh passed the test. Sean Hannity failed.

Chump Change
But now that the election is behind us, it is time to experience what Obama meant when he said his campaign was about "Change." You see, Obama is a lawyer and lawyers are trained to use words that have more than one meaning for a reason. In this case, the word "Change" can mean, among other things, (1) taking the country in a different direction. It can also mean, (2) reinventing oneself to fit a particular situation. Salamanders and other animals do this all the time to avoid detection. Another meaning of change is (3) the money left over after all of the real money has been spent.

I’ll let you decide what Obama meant by “Change.” When our nation is attacked by terrorists again, when he stands up in front of a conservative audience and sounds like Ronald Reagan, when he promises an additional $1,000.00 for working families but refuses to extend the previous administrations tax cuts beyond their current expiration dates, when the same people who were running the show in D.C. during the 90’s are now running the show again, when I have to close the doors to my small business and lay off our 7 employees because of the ever increasing tax burden – when each of these things happen (and they will) then I want you to be honest in your assessment of what Obama means by change.

And now for the optimism. It is very likely that Obama’s presidency will galvanize conservatives and produce and honest to goodness conservative during the next election cycle. John McCain’s “across the aisle politics” would have only served to further dilute the republican party and depress true conservatives. Does anyone else get the feeling McCain would have had just about the same cabinet as Obama?

By McCain losing this election, Conservatives actually won.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An American Tail?

My kids used to sing a song from the cartoon An American Tail titled "There Are No Cats in America." The song is sung by mice onboard a ship leaving Russia headed for America. As it turns out the mice were wrong. Almost as soon as the mice stepped onto the dock at Ellis Island they were assaulted by cats trying to destroy them.
The most dangerous of the cats is named "Warren T. Rat." With the help of some devious rats, a clever cockroach and a rat nose disguise, Warren sells himself to an unsuspecting mice population as the savior of the mice; offering his protection for pay. He tickles the ears of tiny unsuspecting mice with promises of a better life, convincing them that their lives will improve if they will but follow him. Once convinced, the mice are then snared and sold into a sweatshop servitude.
Near the end of the movie the mice finally discover what the audience has known for awhile. (1) that Warren is really a cat who's every move has been calculated to ultimately destroy them; (2) that if they will work together using an entreprenuerial spirit and the strength of each individual mouse they can save themselves; and (3) American tyrrants should be sent to China, not put in charge of governing their lives.
Warren T. Rat's final line in the movie is "I wonder how you say 'trust me' in Chinese."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Problem with Socialism

"The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

- Margaret Thatcher

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pro-Choicers outraged? I doubt it.

How often does this happen?

I know many of you social liberals out there think the termination of a fetus is just a choice a woman should have the right to make. You know. Oatmeal or cereal, paper or plastic, fast food or sit down dinner, abort or give birth. But the newest choice in "family planning" (brains sucked out or suffocation) has really pushed the creative envelope; even for you.

Scenario 1
The mother starts into labor and if the Abortion Clinic doctor gets there in time he can turn the baby around while her head is still inside the mother, stick a sharp set of prongs into the base of the baby’s skull and vacuum out her brains. All the while the baby’s arms and legs are moving around as she struggles for life. Then suddenly her body goes limp. The doctor then removes the head from the mother’s body and throws the body into the same bag the Abortion Clinic owner used.


Scenario 2
The doctor doesn't quite get there in time for the abortion so he just cuts the newborn's umbilical cord and puts her into a plastic bag to suffocate to death. Saves the baby from the stress of a forcibly breached partial birth and (all in all) seems to be a more humane way of carrying out the mother's "choice."

What I would really like to know is whether you find anything wrong with the Abortion Clinic owner bagging up a new-born baby and throwing her into the garbage. And if you do find something wrong with it, why? Does the split second between pre-birth and birth make that big a difference to you?

I personally doubt that many true pro-choicers are genuinely outraged at what the owner did. If I'm wrong then I apologize (not really) but you would have to explain how these two real life scenarios are different.